retrieve your deployed equipment easily without having to use a surface marker buoy or diver/ROV !




The Fiobuoy Models
Pre-programmed time & date release
Deployable to 100m (328')


On-demand acoustic release 
Deployable to 100m (328')


Pre-programmed time & date release 
Deployable to 200m (656')


On-demand acoustic release
Deployable to 200m (656')

Fio GMS 1000

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Fiomarine has developed the Fio GMS1000: a unique, easy-to-use gas management system that provides for economical, safe and controllable flotation and retrieval of extremely heavy loads.

Remotely activated by the same sophisticated acoustic communication system as the Fiobuoy range, the Fio GMS1000 can be integrated with existing systems to raise, lower and move large equipment underwater. It is also uniquely designed with a minimum magnetic signature WITHOUT the use of explosive squib.


  • Lift bag inflation

  • Cable recovery

  • Retrieving ship fins and more.


Handheld Terminal

A robust hand held controller for programming all your Fiomarine products. The Psion Workabout Controller can withstand even the roughest sea & weather conditions.

RS232 Port

User interface for Fiomarine text based menu



Fiomarine's winders make for even faster redeployment. 

Suitable for all Fiobuoy models.

  • Lightweight aluminium

  • Powder coated

  • Nylon bushes



As standard, Fiomarine supplies rope suitable for a range of deployments that can be cut to length.

  • 10mm Dyneema (polyethelene braid) with 5,000kg breaking strain

  • 10mm Standard with 1,500kg breaking strain


Strobe light

Providing increased visibility for night retrievals.

  • 4 AA battery pack

  • Visibility up to 1km


Maintenance tools

Everything you need to keep your Fiobuoys in perfect working condition.

  • Stainless steel maintenance tool

  • Fio TD100 & TD200 Maintenance Kit - 1 x 6 volt battery pack & 1 x o-ring

  • Fio AC100 & AC200 Maintenance Kit - 1 x 7.5 volt battery pack & 2 x o-rings